Frequently asked questions

I am in an IVA, Trust Deed or Bankruptcy – why am I receiving this letter from PRA Group?

If your PRA Group account is included in your IVA, Trust Deed or Bankruptcy, you will receive a letter to let you know that your account has been sold to us, we may also send you other correspondence (e.g. an account statement). We understand that during your IVA, Trust Deed or Bankruptcy you would not expect to be contacted by one of your creditors, so we only send letters where we are legally obliged to do so. You should continue to make your payments to your Insolvency Practitioner as usual.

How will the sale of my account affect my IVA, Trust Deed or Bankruptcy?
We will liaise directly with your Supervisor or Trustee to have the details of this account updated, to reflect that PRA Group is now the new owner. This does not affect the terms of your IVA or Trust Deed in any way and you should continue to interact with your Insolvency Practitioner as usual.

My IVA/Trust Deed completed successfully and this account was included, why has it now been sold?

We make every effort to screen and validate the data supplied to us, prior to contacting you, however if we have contacted you after your IVA/Trust Deed has completed, please contact us on 0808 196 5550 or email us at and we will update our records to make sure that your credit file is correctly updated. In order to update our system and your credit file accurately we may need to ask you to confirm the name of the Insolvency Practitioner firm that managed your IVA or Trust Deed and the date of completion of your IVA or Trust Deed. If you write to us please include this information in your correspondence, and if you call please try to have this information to hand. It is helpful if you are able to send us a copy of your completion certificate from your IVA or Trust Deed. Please note, you are under no obligation to provide this information, however, it will help ensure your records are accurate.

My IVA/Trust Deed has failed, what do I do now?

Please get in touch with us. We understand that there are many reasons why your IVA or Trust Deed may have failed and we will work with you to reach a suitable resolution based on your circumstances.

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Each year millions of people fall behind on their bills for many reasons - things don’t go as planned, and then debt happens…

When a person is unable to pay back a loan, credit card or another account, their creditor may sell that debt to a company like ours..

If your account was sold to us, we’re here to help make repayment easier.

We’ll send you a welcome letter that explains who we are and invites you to access your account online –

where you can view your account information and manage flexible payment options that allow you to create an affordable payment plan, make a payment or pay it all off.

We don’t add interest or fees, and we won’t sell your account.

And when your debt is cleared, we’ll happily send you a confirmation.

Because we understand debt happens.

We’re PRA Group.

We’re changing the way debt repayment works by treating our customers with the fairness and respect they deserve.

We’ve helped millions of people clear a debt - let’s work together to find your path to recovery.

Debt happens. So can recovery.