Benefits calculator

Find out what benefits you could be entitled to so that you have more money in your pocket each month.

Benefits of the calculator

  • Whether you're employed or not, discover benefits you're eligible for
  • Discover how much you're entitled to from your local cost of living scheme(s)
  • Simple next steps to help you claim your benefits
  • Save your progress and come back later to complete it when you have time
  • Download and email a copy of your results
  • We won't collect any personal data, the calculator is completely anonymous and free to use

Every year, £15 billion of benefits go unclaimed in the UK*.
*(entitledto annual review 2022)

We know times are difficult right now and you may feel uncertain about what lies ahead.
"Tick" our benefits calculator off your to do list and discover what you're entitled to.

Benefits Calculator FAQs

entitledto are one of the leading providers of online benefits calculators in the UK, helping people find what they can claim from national and local government.

The benefits calculator collects information on the users household and income and checks this against current benefits regulation to provide a reliable estimate of what they are entitled to.

The calculator helps to work out all:

  • Income related benefits and tax credits
  • Contribution based benefits
  • Council Tax Reduction
  • Carer’s Allowance and Universal Credit

At the end, the calculator results page will provide you with links for other entitlements. This can include information on:

  • Health care cost information
  • Free school meals
  • Local authority help and support

entitledto keep the calculator up to date inline with all current benefit regulation. The accuracy is based on the level of information you enter therefore before you start it is best to gather the following information about you and your partner:

  • Income
  • Earnings
  • Benefits
  • Savings
  • Living status
  • Council tax

If you use estimates to complete the calculator then the results will not be as accurate. Save yourself time by entering accurate and precise information when you can.

It only takes around 10 to 15 minutes to find out what benefits you might be able to claim.

Before you start it is best to gather the following information about you and your partner:

  • Income
  • Earnings
  • Benefits
  • Savings
  • Living status
  • Council tax

Information your enter to the calculator is completely anonymous and it does not contain any personal data that would allow us to identify you or your PRA Group account.

For analysis and understanding that visitors to our website are using the calculator, we will receive a report from entitledto with information on how many users have started and completed the calculator.

When you complete the calculator the results page will explain next steps to make a claim with the relevant organisation directly. If you need more information see the entitledto help page.

Get in touch with us and a member of our team will be happy to help. Get in touch and we can discuss your options, including free debt advice.