Frequently asked questions

How do you help customers with visual and hearing impairment?

We understand that some customers may have a visual impairment and require assistance with letter contact. At PRA Group we can provide the following bespoke solutions:

  • Braille letters
  • Large print letters or emails
  • Coloured paper letters

You can request these options by contacting us on 0808 196 5550. Alternatively, you can email us at

How do you help customers with hearing impairment?

Supporting customers with hearing difficulties is important to PRA Group, so the following has been introduced to allow us to continue to support or customers:

  • Signposting our customers to Next Generation Text Services (NGTS), this service has replaced Text Relay/Text Direct/Typetalk services and can assist hearing impaired and deaf customers to communicate with us by phone
  • The NGTS service can be reached via or 0800 500 888

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Each year millions of people fall behind on their bills for many reasons - things don’t go as planned, and then debt happens…

When a person is unable to pay back a loan, credit card or another account, their creditor may sell that debt to a company like ours..

If your account was sold to us, we’re here to help make repayment easier.

We’ll send you a welcome letter that explains who we are and invites you to access your account online –

where you can view your account information and manage flexible payment options that allow you to create an affordable payment plan, make a payment or pay it all off.

We don’t add interest or fees, and we won’t sell your account.

And when your debt is cleared, we’ll happily send you a confirmation.

Because we understand debt happens.

We’re PRA Group.

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